Introduction Intro

Twoquarters Production Co. Ltd. is a fully integrated, multidisciplinary photography, branding, and marketing agency that was established in 1998. With our headquarters started in Hong Kong and subsidiary offices in Germany and China, we have over two decades of experience collaborating with some of the world's foremost entrepreneurs. Our mission is to foster innovation, drive progress, and pioneer new horizons for our clients.
At the heart of our services is a core photography team with a global reach. We are proud to be the first company to bring together an international roster of top professional photographers in China. Our goal is to provide our clients and partners with a premium experience through a cutting-edge platform.
We push the boundaries of conventional business thinking through an all-encompassing branding process. Our photographers and backend team possess unparalleled expertise and utilize state-of-the-art CGI technology, ensuring that our work goes beyond capturing static images; we breathe life into photographs.
With a balance of creative and analytical thinking, a love for technology, adherence to best industry practices, and a keen eye on emerging market trends, Twoquarters stands as an independent agency offering comprehensive creative services in both Europe and Asia. We are dedicated to delivering excellence and shaping the future of branding and marketing.




Since the establishment of Twoquarters, it has adhered to the concept of professionalism, established a professional team, provided top-level international standard imaging, and established close cooperative relationships with many domestic and foreign companies. The team includes the world's outstanding photographers, the latest equipment and technology, and exquisite post-production. The unified cooperation of these comprehensive factors has enabled us to win the trust of our customers and become their trustworthy partner.

  • Photographer

    Twoquarters brings together outstanding photography masters at home and abroad and is actively committed to discovering and cultivating a new generation of innovative photographers. Each member has a unique style and expertise, covering various fields such as business, fashion, automobiles, and sports.

  • Equipment technology

    In Twoquarters, we always use the latest equipment technology to cover a wider business scope. According to the requirements and goals of different projects, we select and apply appropriate equipment technology to achieve personalized selection and put customer needs and project goals first.

  • Customer Experience

    In Twoquarters, a professional team is at the core, and they personally operate from the beginning to the end of the project to ensure that each project can achieve the best results, so it is deeply loved and trusted by customers.

  • Post-production

    At Twoquarters, the post-production team is actively involved at every stage of the project, from pre-shoot planning and preparation, through the actual filming process, to post-production and delivery. Ensured an in-depth understanding of the photographer's creativity and inspiration, and proactively made suggestions.